03. Dezember 2014/ Berlin, Humboldt Universität


Lecture on »Soundscapes« by Peter Cusack in the Seminar

»Empirische Methoden. Einführung in die Europäische Ethnologie«


Peter Cusack is an artist, musician and founding member of the London College of Communication in the University of the Arts London. He is an avantgarde musician and the creator of field and wildlife recording-based albums. Two of his latest projects are the »Your favourite sound« project and »Sounds from dangerous places« where he collects sounds from sites which have sustained major environmental damage including Chernobyl, the Azerbaijan oil fields, and areas around controversial dams on the Tigris and Euphrates river systems in south east Turkey. He will speak about »Sounds from dangerous places« and his latest Berlin based project in the seminar.

Most of the time in this class, when we speak about observing, describing, recording, translating, we speak of producing text. Todays lecture will broaden our methological approach.

The lecture is open to the public.


Institut für Europäische Ethnologie

Möhrenstr. 40/41

10117 Berlin

Mittwoch, 12-16 Uhr, Raum 211


Dozentin: Petra Beck

Tutor: Patrick Bieler